A Day in the Life of an Analyst

Find out how working on projects across multiple lines of insurance is a core part of Serif’s role in risk finance.

A Day in the Life of an Analyst

Name Serif
Degree Mathematics, Aston University
Interesting Fact Opera singer and also travel lover.

The Job

I am in the actuarial team in the risk finance department, managing projects. The actuarial team looks at clients’ loss history: essentially all the claims that one client has received over the last decade or so. We analyse the data we are given to generate information about potential future losses for the next financial year.  We work as a team and so are not allocated individual clients to look after. Instead, we have projects in which we all work on different parts to get the final result. I coordinate and manage the projects, and gather all the analytics produced to put into a report.

The Start

I usually try and get some revision done for my ACII exams before work, and then at 9.30 I begin checking my emails, making a list of tasks which need to be complete by the end of the day.

The Best Bit

Our department does projects for many different types of business (marine, aviation, etc.), and as such we are required to make connections with people from many parts of the company. This broadens my network and gives me an opportunity to learn about different areas of the business. 

The Skills

I studied mathematics at Aston University and have been using a lot of what I learnt there in my day-to-day job. There have been times where I got some old maths books out to figure out how to do some analysis. For me it’s great as I get to carry on doing the subject that I enjoy but put it into real life scenarios.

The Challenges

I have two separate roles which merge into one. One is coordinating a team of stakeholders who talk about innovative solutions for complex insurance, and the other is the analytics. These sometimes merge together depending on the projects being looked at. It has been challenging managing both roles, as well as completing my ACII exams at the same time. But after a while it started to settle and I was able to manage my time efficiently.

The Team

The team is great. We go for regular tea breaks together to take a break from the projects we are working on. Sometimes we discuss what we are doing, sometimes we just have a chat which isn’t work related. We are all working on projects together and so we are always able to help each other when needed. We have constant meetings to talk about what deadlines we have and how we can manage our time efficiently. To top it all off we are all very social so enjoy nights out after work together.