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What is Risk and Insurance?

Discover more about this essential, global industry and how it presents such a wide variety of outstanding career opportunities.

What is Risk and Insurance?

A career in the risk and insurance industry presents an opportunity to work with clients in any industry sector, all around the world.

Typically graduates think of their own experiences in travel, motor, or home and contents insurance. However, the industry encompasses so much more. When you think of the risks companies face, insurance is an exciting sector covering everything from satellites to ships, skyscrapers and large construction projects to terrorism, cyber and professional liability.

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Is Risk and Insurance for Me?

Working for Marsh offers you the opportunity to work with clients all over the world in nearly every industry sector. No matter what you studied at university, you’ll have an exciting career with us using your specialist knowledge and skills in a commercial environment. Combined with the ACII qualification and our bespoke Professional Skills Development Programme, you have a great foundation to accelerate your career.

Below are some examples of how different degrees and skills relate to our industry.

Business and Economics

The best brokers and client executives understand how their client’s business works. With your business background, you will be able to get to grips with any number of industries and advise the best way to protect the balance sheet. You will also have a good understanding of the kind of market in which they work, give you a greater understanding of the risks which your clients face. 


Having studied engineering you now have the capability to think logically, with the ability to see both the bigger picture and the finer detail. These skills allow you to understand the finer points of clients’ needs, while being able to comprehend their overall goals and aims. Being able to understand the client’s technical jargon will mean that you’re able to quickly understand their needs and environment, and therefore the technical requirements and risks they may present.

Humanities and Geography

Having studied humanities you’ve learnt how to analyse and apply facts using different sources of information; this will come in handy if you’re examining claims and clauses within claims or else examining risk for clients. Your ability to critically think and to construct intelligent arguments means that you’ll be able to ask the right questions to get the best deal possible for your client.

Geography has greatly developed your understanding of risk – the risk of both natural disaster and human risk. Your knowledge of the world and how it operates ensures that you’re able to analyse data and see small details that others might miss. You’ll have gained access to a number of the same software tools that we use within the insurance industry as well. 


Working in a global organisation means that you’ll regularly be required to interact with colleagues and clients throughout the globe. Your ability to navigate different cultures will make you highly valuable.


Law has taught you how to read and understand contracts and the importance of words. Your analytical mind and attention to detail will be critical in understanding policy wordings, and getting the best outcomes for your clients. You’ll have great attention to detail and your ability to critically analyse will be a great asset for your clients.


Using mathematical modelling, data analysis, and your analytical mind, you’ll help your clients to optimise their risk transfer and develop a robust insurance programme. Your extensive problem solving skills will be highly beneficial in your ability to continually look at issues from a new perspective which always happens in the ever changing insurance industry. You’ll then need to couple this with your ability to clearly communicate solutions to clients.


Your degree has taught you how to think in a methodical and logical manner, highly important skills in the insurance industry. You will be capable of analysing the finer detail of clauses, while looking for possible risks to your clients. With every new discovery that our clients make in need of protection, your scientific background will give you the credibility and technical understanding to help protect their work.