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Meet Our Current TRAC Associates

Rheanna | TRAC Associate


Office: San Francisco

Practice: Marine

When/how did you join Marsh?

I joined Marsh last fall and currently work in the Marine department in San Francisco, California. After graduating from Santa Clara University with degrees in Economics and Psychology, I realized risk management consulting could be a great fit for me, combining detailed information analysis with communication and relationship building.

Describe your time in the TRAC Program

Within a few weeks of the TRAC program, I was already expanding my knowledge of the insurance industry, the Marine practice, and the day-to-day processes of being a commercial insurance broker. As soon as I passed my licensing test, I was handed a number of cargo accounts where I would function as the lead broker. The immediate responsibility of acting as a cargo expert to a number of clients within the first few months of joining the company set the pace for the rest of my time with Marsh, until now. The learning curve was hard to navigate at first, but was ultimately more than manageable, especially with the support of my team, who trained me through renewal cycles and mid-term servicing of accounts, while still letting me take full reign of them.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Now, I feel confident in taking on my daily responsibilities on my own (although, I do reach out for support whenever necessary). My typical day starts with grabbing coffee with my coworkers, and then sitting down and reviewing my emails, creating a list of items to tackle for the day. These items include reaching out to insurance companies for quotes on cargo programs, discussing coverage questions with clients, and organizing exposure information to best summarize various aspects of cargo risk. With these tasks, the most important skill to utilize is communication. Having a solid basis on how to interpret information and convey it to others is essential, and having this job continues to challenge and develop that skill.

Do you have any advice for candidates or incoming TRAC associates?

Every now and then, since insurance is ultimately an industry based on relationships and communication, I might attend lunches, happy hours, or other networking events with other risk management professionals in San Francisco. These events are always a great way to learn more about careers in risk management, get to know underwriters and other brokers, and have fun with coworkers. This social aspect of the job is one of my favorite parts about working in this industry. Similarly, working with my team and integrating myself into the team dynamic has been very rewarding during my time at Marsh. It goes beyond the duties and responsibilities of the job, and works to create lasting relationships and to build a reason to come into the office every morning.