Meet Our TRAC Alumni

Summer | TRAC Alumni


Office: Chicago

Practice: Property

When/how did you join Marsh?

I graduated from DePaul University with dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Finance and Management Information Systems.  I joined Marsh as a Summer TRAC Associate, the summer after my junior year of college. Following the Summer TRAC Program, I was extended a job offer and joined Marsh as a full-time TRAC Associate in 2015.

Describe your time in the TRAC Program

During my time in the TRAC program I spent one year working on the property team in a client facing role, and my second year working on the casualty team in a market facing role. While I found both experiences to be valuable, I ultimately decided to join the property team post completing the TRAC program. One of the most valuable aspects of the TRAC program for me was the network you are able to develop. TRAC associates are provided with numerous opportunities to meet with senior leadership throughout the organization in both corporate and social settings. In addition to this, your first big introduction to the program begins with a group training exercise and networking event with your entire ‘TRAC Class’ comprised of as many as 35+ throughout the country.

What does a typical day look like for you?

In my current role I am able to work with large, well known, global clients. My day to day activities include: working with the client to identify their property risk exposures, help develop the best strategies to mitigate their risks, and ultimately implement their property programs. I greatly enjoy the challenges that come with working on global accounts as the world is an ever changing landscape, and each day presents a new set of hurdles to overcome. Innovation and creativity are qualities that are valued and encouraged.

The most enjoyable aspect that I have experienced while working at Marsh is the collaborative culture. I find colleagues to be extremely approachable and willing to help, regardless of title or rank. Coming to Marsh from a non-insurance background, I was extremely weary of the knowledge gaps I may have compared to individuals who had studied at Insurance Programs. However, I have found that by asking the right questions and identifying the proper resources, I have always felt empowered and confident in my ability to perform my job, and be a contributing member of the team, safe with the knowledge that I can always rely on any of my colleagues to back me up.

Do you have any advice for candidates or incoming TRAC associates?

My advice for candidates applying to the TRAC program is to come in with a positive, team player attitude, and a strong appetite for learning. The TRAC program will provide you with the fundamentals you need to have a successful career at Marsh, but it is on you to take full advantage of what is available. Make sure you that you ask questions, show your interest, and take advantage of the ample networking opportunities that are provided to you.